Educational Services


Our bespoke educational products put the student first. For this reason, if you feel that none of the courses below are quite right for you, please contact us at to tailor a course or consultation service to your particular needs.

  1. Completely Confident Business English (£79.99 per 90 min consultation) Through a series of 90 minute lessons, the number of which is determined by the client’s needs, aims and schedule, a senior partner of G and H will develop a bespoke learning plan with the student that enables them to fulfil their personal and professional goals. We treat our clients as individuals and understand the power of personal relationships in the world of business. For this reason, we maintain a cohort of top professionals, many of whom have been learning on our personalised plans for several years. After an initial free consultation, we create a personalised learning plan, which focuses on improving fluency and confidence in real-world situations. As part of this, we offer editing services for important documents and presentations, with personalised feedback. We provide 24-7 support and the lessons can be scheduled at any time of day at intervals most convenient to the client’s needs.

2. Pro at Presentations (5 × 60 mins; £300) are you anxious about giving professional or academic presentations? If so, this is the course for you. Learn how to give outstanding professional presentations with Gilchrist and Hamilton.

Through five 1:1 lessons, timetabled according to your schedule, we develop your real-world presentation skills, focusing on all aspects of giving a knockout presentation from the layout of your PowerPoint to your intonation. This course offers the unique chance to develop and produce an academic or professional presentation with one of the senior partners of our company, Dr Paul Hamilton or Dr Sam Gilchrist Hall.

3. Completely Confident Copy (£39.99 per 60 minute consultation) A second pair of eyes never hurts! If you are a non-native speaker who regularly writes copy for websites or magazines and are committed to continuous personal development, then this is the product for you. A native speaker with a PhD in literature or language will proofread your copy, offer suggestions for improving word choice, tone and formality and provide a targeted lesson, based on any errors or problems in your text.

Please contact us for an estimate via the form on my homepage or at

4. Improve your English for College: Teaching and Editing (£40 per 60 minute consultation) Learn from the best! Our focus is on helping you succeed at university. We develop an individualised learning plan and a course of study, tailored to your own personal goals. We teach you the necessary grammatical, compositional and speaking skills for the university course you are currently taking or would like to take, while also focusing on improving your confidence in speaking. We also offer editing with feedback on written assignments.

Each lesson can be scheduled at a different time and different intervals, according to your schedule and learning requirements. All our teachers are native-speakers with PhDs in English Literature/Language.