Articles and Abstracts


(2016):  ‘In Mendacio Veritas: Telling the Truth through Lies in 1&2 Henry IV and Henry V’, Cahiers Élisabéthains, 91, 1-14

(2015): ‘Feeble Heroism: 1&2 Henry IV and Intellectual Liberty’, Deutsche Shakespeare-Gesellschaft, Seminar Online, 13, 63-74

(2014): ‘Richard II: History, Degeneracy and Deformity’, Theta, 11, 131–148

(2012):   “Civil Monsters’: The Enlightened Dialectics of Othello’, The Postgraduate Journal of  Aesthetics, 9 (2012), 15–28

Work in Progress 

The articles detailed below is a preparatory study for my next book, provisionally entitled The Invention of Home: Dwelling and Belonging 1200 – 1600


Cartographies of the Impossible: Heimweh, Utopia and Determinate Negation

This article argues that the political and philosophical significance of the concept of utopia lies not in explicit blueprints of a better world, but rather in the negative images of utopia that are offered by artworks from radically different times, places and cultures, from Shakespeare to Nick Cave, Thomas Mann to Nina Simone. The belief that “there’s gotta be a better world somewhere” and that somewhere along the way we lost a better world, I suggest, offer determinate negations of the society in which they were formed.


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